Poweray Vtm Kit Disposable Sterile Specimen Collection Flocked Nylon Swabs

Disposable Specimen Collection Swab[Name of Product]Disposable Specimen Collection Swab[Model and Specification][Product performance]Refer to the product technical requirements for physical performance of the product; it is free ofbiol

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Disposable Specimen Collection Swab
[Name of Product]
Disposable Specimen Collection Swab
[Model and Specification]
Poweray Vtm Kits Disposable Sterile Specimen Collection Flocked Nylon Swabs
[Product performance]
Refer to the product technical requirements for physical performance of the product; it is free of
biological hazards and sterilized with epoxy ethane; EO Residue amount 10μg/g.
[Major composition]
Disposable specimen collection swab is composed of a handle and a sampling head.
[Application Scope]
Used for drawing biological samples from natural cavity of human body for inspection.
[Instructions for use]
1. Disposable specimen collection swabs should be selected in proper model and specification depending on
different collection requirements of medical institutions. This is applicable for sample collection from oral
cavity. Take out the swab from its package to start the sampling.
2. Upon contact of the swab's head with the sampling part, hold the handle to rotate towards the same direction
for 3-5 turns, in order to collect sufficient samples.
Poweray Vtm Kits Disposable Sterile Specimen Collection Flocked Nylon Swabs
3. After the sampling, extend the swab's head into a sample collection tube and break the sampling swab at the
breaking mouth to leave the swab's head and sampling rod inside the tube; separate the swab's head from the
handle to drop it down the sample collection tube.
Poweray Vtm Kits Disposable Sterile Specimen Collection Flocked Nylon Swabs

4. During transfer of the sample, ensure that the swab's head will not be in contact with other objects.
5. Discard the remaining parts of the sampling swab including the handle and the sleeve immediately upon
completion of the operation.
Use with caution for those allergic to flocking.
1. Be clear of the "date of expiration" before use. Do not use in case of expiration.
2. It is only used for one time for one single patient.
3. Please stop operation immediately in case of blooding or persistent pain during sampling.
4. It should be disposed as medical wastes after use.
5. It is forbidden to use where the package is damaged.
[Storage and Transportation]
1. After packaging, the product should be stored in a well-ventilated and clean room free of
corrosive gas with temperature of 0-55ºC and relative humidity of no more than 93%.
2. The product should be protected against moisture, heat and direct exposure by sunlight during
transportation and storage.
[Production date]
See product package.
[Shelf life]
It is valid for 2 years.

Poweray Vtm Kits Disposable Sterile Specimen Collection Flocked Nylon Swabs

1. Are you manufacturer of trade company? How long time producing VTM kit with swab?
Founded on Jan. 2000, we focus on R&D, production and sales of clinical diagnostics products and start VTM kits production since the early time of pandemic outbreak.Until now, apart from domestic market good selling, we have exported to India, Indonesia, Phillipens, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Mexico, Peru, Italy, Hungary, etc.  

2. What certification you have?
We have CE/ISO13485/Free sale certificate, & GMP factory. Also we passed world well-known third party SGS on-site audition.  

3. What is the content in the kit and what is your package information?
Normally the kit contains VTM tube(with medium) and swabs as a package.
Our per kit have 50 tubes, 50 nasal swab, and 50 oral swab. And there are 20 kit box per carton, so the MOQ is 1,000 pcs.

4. Do you have both inactive and non-inactive virus transport medium? And how much volume?
YES, we have both type of medium.
Normally we have below filling volume:
a) 10ml long tube with 3ml medium, either inactive or non-inactive.
b) 5ml short tube with 3ml medium, either inactive or non-inactive.
Also, we registered 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, and 6ml filling.  

5. What is the specification of nasal swab and oral swab?
Nasal swab: length 155+-3mm, breaking point 80+-3mm
Oral swab: length 155+-3mm, breaking point 30+-3mm.

6. Your Factory had qualified R&D Lab?
Yes. about 30% annual revenue had been funded on the R&D and staff training, construction & management of our class 100,00 clean room and Laboratory for diagnostic kits development.
7. Your factory is following GMP?
Yes,our new class 100,000 clean room & class 100,00 Laboratory for diagnostic kit adhere to GMP.
8. OEM / ODM of kit available?
Yes, OEM,ODM of test kit are both available.
can customize your logo &text on package & our test swab collection kit.

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